Aero Microbiology

Aero microbiology involves the study of micro organisms that are suspended in air and they are also referred to as bio aerosols. Once suspended in the air  these microbes can travel long distances with the help of wind and precipitation, increasing the occurrence of disease by these microorganisms. There are different microbes in air such as viruses, bacteria,fungi,yeast and protozoans. In order to survive in atmosphere, it is vital for the microbes to survive in the harsh climatic conditions. In these many of the microbes have the capacity to adapt in harsh condition by forming endospores, which can withstand extreme conditions. Integrated micro optofluidic method is used to determine the microbes present in air.

  • Track 1-1 Urban Atmosphere
  • Track 2-2 Indoor-outdoor Distribution
  • Track 3-3 Strategies in Air Sampling
  • Track 4-4 Air Borne Disease

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